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We know we are quite late in reviewing this latest offering from Yamaha but nonetheless we believe our viewers would appreciate our point of view at this beautiful motorcycle.

This motorcycle was with us for a complete day and we started our day as early as 5:00AM to see how it performs on empty roads all the way till late evening to brave the notoriously famous Delhi traffic.

Our effort to expose the motorcycle to various traffic conditions, location and parts of a day helped understand the bike and hopefully, you too will be able to conclude your buying decision basis same.


R3N-2 (Large)

There is no second opinion that the bike looks fabulous. From certain angles, this motorcycle reminds of Yamaha R6 (especially the exhaust) which is one of the sexiest bikes on this planet. It is a fully faired motorcycle with split seats and sporty ergonomics. Yamaha has already established dominance in Aerodynamic design through their R15 and the legacy continues here also.

R3N-21 (Large)

At the front you get twin headlamps, big plus point that; along with an inverted triangle DRL in the middle. There is good amount of lighting and the bike does not feel it needs any lumen extra. The windscreen does its designated job properly and you get to know that when you crouch for higher speeds.

Yamaha YZF R3 Speedo Console

Instrument cluster provides all required information right from Speed to Gear indicator and the engine RPM. Lit with white light, it is clearly visible and does not cause any distraction while riding. You get LED tail lamps and normal bulb indicators on the bike.

R6 style exhaust uses an aluminium tip and heat shield cover. Foot pegs too are plain metal with no rubber grips on them, which can be slippery in certain conditions. The switches on the bike are quite ordinary and do not go well with a bike like this. The indicator and the horn switch had already given up on the bike we tested.


R3 is a 4 stroke motorcycle powered by a 321cc, Parallel twin cylinder engine that has a bore x stroke ratio of 68 x 44.1 mm. Being liquid cooled with a compression ratio of 11.2:1 which is a very impressive figure. Induction is attributed to Electronic Fuel Injection and it works perfectly.

That’s almost as much about the technical details as we could bear with. Coming to the real deal, the engine is any bike’s heart and this one has a strong one in it. Being a short stroke motor, this engine is a hardcore revv happy motor. When you rev the bike hard, it does not feel uncomfortable at all. Rather, it starts singing a new tune altogether, not to forget the amazing push you get from moving forward with impressive acceleration.


Gearbox is smooth with clear and precise shifts. There are no slips n shifting gears like you find in most other bikes. However the torque delivery on the bike is such that you would need to downshift gears a lot when riding in city traffic.

One thing that really impressed us is the Liquid Cooling on this bike. We rode in heavy Delhi traffic during noon with surrounding temperature almost around 43 degrees and not once did the bike burn legs. There was no abnormal amount of heat and we did not feel uncomfortable at all even when we were in bumper to bumper traffic. That’s commendable considering that most fared motorcycles channelize that hot air towards the rider.

Engine responds to any twist of throttle but the power delivery is not quite linear. You get around peak power of 41.4 bhp at 10750 RPM along with peak torque of 29.4 Nm at 9000 RPM. If you talk about the 3 power bands – Lower, Middle and Higher then R3 surely has most of its ammo in the Higher Rev range. We felt discomforting vibrations on the bike that can be specifically noticed when the bike idles.

Imagine yourself at a signal and the moment light shows green, you launch the bike into first gear. It moves head with ferocity and as you upshift the acceleration gets all the more gripping. Before you realize you are in 5th gear and already doing more than 120 in a distance of few hundred meters. Once you hit the 6th gear that is when the bike needs space to stretch its legs. We were unable to test its top speed but we have reasons to believe that is can hit a top mark of 190 kmph.

In case you are a rider that likes riding hard and revs his bike to redline, R3 is definitely game. She can take almost any amount of beating that you can dish at her. We redlined her all the way from 2nd gear to 5th and she was absolutely at home. This bikes loves being revved and very humble transfers all the fun obtained to the rider.


Since it’s a sport motorcycle, it has that stance that may appear tiring for wrists in the beginning but spend some time with her and you start feeling comfortable. Tank slope allows for a farther lean in front without hitting you in the gut. Rider seat is comfortable, wide and long enough to provide ample room when you crouch and move backwards. Foot pegs are vertically below the seat which means your knees would bend at around 30 degree angle, which may not be comfortable for some.

R3N-35 (Large)

In terms of handling, it’s a Yamaha what do you expect? Nothing less than perfection, we say. Just like R15, this bike handles so well that it can be termed beautiful credit to Yamaha’s signature Delta Box frame. Even if you are not an exert rider, you will easily become one on R3. This motorcycle has an innate desire to lean into corners. She desperately wants to and what poise does she maintain throughout, absolute delight. Bike is very nimble in traffic and a rider would find it very flickable to manoeuvre across.

Braking department on R3 is handled by a single 298mm Disc in the front and a single 220mm disc at the rear. Though there is no ABS on the bike which we felt would be a deterrent for a lot of potential buyers but trust us it has more than enough braking power.

R3N-29 (Medium)

Even when you hit brakes at speeds in excess of 100 kmph, bikes comes to a dignified and balanced halt. No fishtail or screech sounds. We did apply brakes in case of emergency and the bike stopped right in time without any skid or whatsoever. You get 140/70 tyre at the rear and 110/70 in the front, both 17 inch wheels which are pretty sticky and tested on wet roads offering you very good grip.

But what if you come across a bad patch on the road. One that has potholes, bumps, speed breakers and rubble. R3 handles all that very well. Not even once did it touch any speed bump or a piece of stone and the 41mm KYB Telescopic fork in the front absorbed most jerks. Suspension on this bike is impressive.


The verdict is clear, we loved R3. It is a peppy motorcycle with a high-revving engine and very good brakes. It can be enjoyed best when ridden with some insanity. The sporty stance might not appeal to everyday commuters but otherwise the motorcycle is a total delight to ride.

At 3.26 lacs, this motorcycle might seem expensive but be assured that it is worth every penny. Do not think of it as a 300 cc motorcycle for 3.26 lac rupees, think of it is a kick-ass performer for that much amount.

Here’s how this bike fetched on our ratings

Design – 8/10

Engine – 8/10

Handling – 9/10

Braking – 7/10

Suspension – 7/10

Overall – 7.8/10

Tech Specs

Make Model Yamaha YZF-R 3
Year 2015
Engine Four stroke, parallel twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder
Capacity 321
Bore x Stroke 68.0 x 44.1mm
Cooling System Liquid cooled
Compression Ratio 11.2:1
Induction Electronic Fuel Injection
Lubrication Wet sump
Ignition TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Starting Electric
Max Power 41.4 Bhp @ 10,750 RPM
Max Torque 29.6 Nm @ 9000 RPM
Clutch Wet, multiple-disc coil spring
Transmission Constant Mesh, 6-speed
Final Drive Chain
Frame Delta box
Front Suspension 41mm KYB® telescopic fork;
Front Wheel Travel 130 mm / 5.1 in
Rear Suspension KYB® single shock
Rear Wheel Travel 124.4 mm / 4.9 in
Front Brakes Single 298mm disc
Rear Brakes Single 220mm disc
Front Tyre 110/70-17M/C 54H
Rear Tyre 140/70-17M/C 66H 5.1 in of trave
Caster 25°
Trail 93.9 mm / 3.7 in
Dimension Length 2090.4 mm / 82.3 in
Width 718.8 mm / 28.3 in
Height 1 135.3 mm / 44.7 in
Wheelbase 1379.2 mm / 54.3 in
Seat Height 779.7 mm / 30.7 in
Ground Clearance 160 mm / 6.2 in
Wet Weight 167 kg / 368 lbs
Fuel Capacity 14 Litres / 3.7 gal

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