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Zizo is a subtly well-hidden restaurant on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon and those who have not been in the area, would not even know about this place. The only thing aiding its discovery is the Bikers Café next door, which happens to be quite famous among bikers.

It is a Lebanese restobar with nice white and red themed ambiance, comfortable seats and a big sofa at the end for those who visit in a big group. Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling give a nice touch to the interiors of the restaurant.


Now coming on to their menu which is surprisingly diverse as it offers not just Lebanese items but also some pizzas, burgers and pastas to ensure you get spoilt for choices when placing an order.

We tried the Hot Mezze Platter first and must admit that it did not look much when it arrived on our table but as we stared a moment longer at it, we realized it was quite a plate full. Consisting of 2 mini Zaatar, 2 Veggies and cheese, 2 lamb pies, 2 cheese rolls, 2 chicken kibbeh, it is served with chilli sauce and garlic sour cream. Everything on this platter is delicious and makes u asking for more. Chilli sauce is good but the sour cream is perfect, simply perfect as it has the right consistency and the taste.

We loved the lamb pies in particular for their crispy brown texture on the outsides completely masks the soft and juicy interior. When coupled with their sour cream, it is one item which one might find difficult to resist.

Next up was Hummus Ras Asfour which is a dish interesting by both its presentation and preparation. There is a thick ring of really good hummus with centre filled with tossed chicken, organic summac and pomegranate butter sauce. Result is a mouth-watering dish where the chunks of boneless chicken deliver taste of pomegranate and butter, along with hummus in each bite. Served with pita bread, we really enjoyed this dish and quantity too was more than sufficient for one person.

We also tried batata harra which is crispy potato cubes with a Lebanese chilli garlic flavour. Something different than usual potato wedges, as it definitely has that Lebanese twist. Slightly tangy flavour makes it a good bite.

The veg pizza looks quite different and tempting than any other pizza tried elsewhere. Veggies it seems, are chopped which kind of works as they gel with loads of cheese put on top. The restaurant seems to have been real considerate about putting black olives on top, more certainly would have been merrier. Base is thin crust and sauce is flavourful, overall the pizza tastes good.

Grand mom’s chicken pasta looks and tastes more like lasagne as the spaghetti is indeed creamy but the cheese forms a thick crust on top.

In drinks, we tried hand-pressed mint lemonade, Beirut Harms Street and Byblos Old souk. All drinks were mocktails that were prepared properly and were quite enjoyable.


We simply loved the place and will keep coming here because their food is authentic Lebanese and we loved it way too much. It is definitely going in our Top 10 list.

(4.5 / 5)

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