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We recently got invited to check out this new place in Sector 29 Gurgaon, called the Walking Street by Soi7. Now, we have earlier been to Soi7 at DLf Cyber hub and totally liked the energy and spirit of the place which made it highly enjoyable with some relay nice food and drinks.

Thus, with same or even higher level of expectation, we walked in to the Walking Street by Soi7.


It’s a pretty big restaurant spread across basement, ground and 2 more floors. The place is well decorated and well lit. The moment you walkin, you can’t ignore the big green Jameson sign, which assures of good times inside.

Ground floor like most other outlets in this area has the distilleries and you can take stairs to basement, which are also pretty well decorated with various paintings, posters and signages, all lit with blue and red lighting, giving a very lively effect to the place.

Basement is a pretty large area with lots of recreational options like the pool table, foosball and some video games too. There is also a separate bar which means drinks will be served in no time.

First floor is where all the action happens as this is where their main bar is, well decorated with floral lamps atop. There is an open area also on this floor and a big screen with projector for those live match nights.

Overall the place looks nice and lively, not dull anywhere or even for a moment. It is undeniable that every moment spent here will be enjoyed.


We tried a lot of items in the food and can say that some items were definitely better than others. One thing is for sure that each item was served, decorated in a beautiful way and was in enough quantity for one person, some even more.

The journey started with dimsums, where we tried the Singapore Pan-Fried Dimsums, Steamed Szechuan Chicken Dumplings. The Szechaun chicken dumpling was good as the chicken was medium spicy, pan fried dimsums were on a different level altogether as the outer shell tasted much better after being fried.

In starters we tried the Grilled mushroom with coriander roots and roasted chilli sauce. Mushrooms were very well grilled to a mild crisp and were juicy. Light spicy, and light salty they tasted very good, especially with the roasted chilli sauce and the sauté veggies that were served along.

Next up was Japanese spicy grilled chicken, which had boneless pieces of medium grilled chicken smeared in thousand island mayonnaise and served with sauté veggies. Chicken was slightly tangy and soft, not too spicy and the dressing was enhancing the flavour.

Steamed fish chilli garlic had what can be called a reallyy thick gravy, it was really confusing as the taste of fish was not quite prominent and the chilli garlic gravy dominated all other flavours, did not enjoy it so much.

We tried their pizzas also and ordered the Pepperoni Picante and Chicken bomb. Both pizzas had a thin crust base with properly spread fresh tomato sauce, lots of cheese and ample chicken.

Pepperoni Picante was better than the other pizza as it had more cheese and really big slices of pepperoni which in itself was adding to the overall flavour.

In main course, we had Lamb Mongolian sauce with egg fried rice which was in so much quantity that it took 2 people to finish it. Boneless and chewy pieces of lamb were cooked in Mongolian sauce which I am sure uses soy sauce and tasted good and being gravy went well with the rice.

We also had pan fried noodles, which was well prepared and had mix of soft and crispy fried noodles gravy and veggies poured on top.


This place has a lively ambiance and we enjoyed our food. There is no reason for us to not visit it again, and this we will surely do.

(4.5 / 5)

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