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We recently got a chance to try Ovenstory which is a new pizza joint spread across multiple locations all through Delhi and Gurgaon.

Apart from Zomato, they are also available on their website https://www.ovenstory.in

Their pizza is available with 4 options to choose for the base that is the Peri Peri Cheese, 4 Pepper Cheese, Chipotle Cheese and El Classico Cheese. We decided to go for Picante Peri Peri pizza which uses the Peri Peri Cheese base and is topped with Mozzarella cheese, Tandoori paneer, Green, red and yellow bell peppers, black olives and onions.

Though the toppings sound like too much but they are not in reality. We believe there should have been more. Base was thin and rightly balanced with sauce adding proper flavour. Also, more cheese would have been merrier as it feels that the pizza could use a little extra cheese.

Pizza was well baked and was tasteful. Seasoning was a little less as only a single sachet was provided. Being peri peri, it was not too spicy as we expected which according to us is a good thing.

In dessert, we went for a Sicilian Red Velvet and totally loved it. It is a Red velvet fondant cake filled with unbleached organic cocoa which looks and tastes simply divine. No human can take just one bite and be done with it. After every bite, it is next to impossible to resist the temptation to eat more.

It is a decent option and they make good thin crust pizzas, Picante Peri Peri Pizza is sure to be tried at least once. Sicilian Red Velvet is amazing and is a must try.

(4 / 5)

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