Restaurant Review – Madhuban – Sattvic South Indian Restaurant

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Madhuban is an outlet in Gurgaon that serves Sattvic South Indian food. First, let’s understand what does Sattvic means. Sattvic is typically anything with Sattva in it. Sattva is one of the three gunas that is Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

While Rajas means Passion and activity, Tamas means destruction & chaos. Sattva on the other hand stands for goodness, positivity, truth, wholesomeness, serene, holistic, creative, constructive, balance, confidence, peaceful, virtuous, drawn towardsDharmaandgyaan.

So, it is quite understandable what Sattvic food would stand for. This is the kind of food that is supposed to channelize positive energy in you. Thus, we were really excited being able to try their food especially it being our first time eating Sattvic food.

We had our doubts on how the food would taste without onion and garlic, but the story was something else when we tried. Read on to know more.



It is located on second floor of Crosspoint Mall which is situated right opposite DLF Galleria. There is supposed to be a lift but we could not find one so used stairs instead, which is good in a way as it helps in working an appetite.

Ample space for car and bike parking as the mall is never too crowded. Nearest metro station is IFFCO Chowk, from where this is hardly 500 meters away.



The place is simple in ambiance just like its food and sometimes simplicity is the best bet. It is neat and hygienic inside with a clear view of the entire kitchen.

The place is not too big but there is decent sitting space with tables big enough for six people at a time long with some comfortable chairs.

They have chosen to decorate the walls with high res images of their own food which kind of shows you in advance what to expect on your plate and also how passionate they are about their food.


We were welcomed with rasam and papad to begin with which was nice and pretty simple. Rasam in particular was not too tangy as is served in most places.

Next up was spring dosa, which was dosa prepared in spring roll style. It is spicy as there is lot of chilli used but goes well with chutney served.

Talking about chutney, they provide 4 chutneys by default on the table which are nariyal, peanut, tomato and imli chutney. Out of these their nariyal chutney is simply amazing, one of the best we have ever had. Right proportion of coconut and perfectly balanced taste wise.

We also tried Chilli Idli which is usual idli dipped in spicy batter and fried, sprinkled with gunpowder. This one only has the name chilli, in real it is not too spicy and is rather enjoyable.

One thing which we really enjoyed was Kurkurey Idli Chat. These are button sized small idlis which fried and served topped with curd and imli chutney. Add to it some nariyal chutney and it is simply divine. We tasted one and then could not stop till we had finished all on the table.

This finished our starters and we attacked main course now and first choice was Andhra Thali. It was pretty big and contained arbi, Dal, Tori, potato, curd, rasam and Andhra Pulusualong with papad, poori, rice and dessert. All items in thali were simple and delicious. Nothing was over done and was highly enjoyable.

Surprisingly, they also specialize on North Indian food and we got our hands on some chhole bhature which to be honest was much better than most Punjabi restaurants. Bhature were not too thick or too thin and chhole were just rightly spiced. The use of fried potato and green chilli just added some extra effect to the whole dish.



Our food was served quickly and the staff was kind enough to help us in choosing what to order. In fact they were the ones who explained what Sattvik food means and how they prepare their dishes.


None of the items appeared to be overpriced. Everything was justified by its amazing taste.


We simply loved this place as it provides such good sattvik food that even when you eat filling yourself to the brim you do not feel any guilt or remorse.

Their food definitely inspires positive energy and we loved the simplicity with which each item was cooked and was yet delicious.

This goes in our favorites list and we will keep dropping by here.


(5 / 5)

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