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When we got the invitation to Gourmet American Shack, we assumed it is going to be a proper big restaurant but when we reached Baani Square in Gurgaon, we were a little disappointed to see it since the maximum seating capacity is of 4 only.

We have often found that famous saying “first impression is the last impression” to be wrong and same was proven well in this case also. Let’s find out how?


Gourmet American Shack is mostly into delivery and that is why their kitchen occupies major space which in turn means they can prepare big quantities of food, quickly.

Their food can be ordered through and and being present at the restaurant personally we have seen the diligence with which they prepare their food.

The owner is a chef from UK and has worked with biggies like Gordon Ramsey, his personal interest and expertise lies in grilling meat which we could figure out once we tried the burgers.

Also, they buy meat and then mince it in the house to prepare the patties and this ensures that their customers get that tender, juicy and flavourful taste in every bite.


We began with Buffalo Chicken Wings which is one of our top 10 favourite items and Chili’s certainly tops the list. We have seen so many restaurant going wrong with this dish that some have even used honey, which is definitely not a part of the original buffalo style chicken wings recipe. Nonetheless, when the wings landed on table, they looked tempting, smelled good and tasted well too. No sweetness and a bit of tangy flavour ruled the dish, there was proper balance of hot sauce and the dip served along added extra flavour.

Next up was Shack’s Classic Burger with a Charbroiled pure ground mutton patty, smeared in cheddar cheese and topped with Gherkins, Dijon mustard and lettuce. The bun tasted good and smelled fresh and was well toasted. One bite and we could testify the restaurant’s claim of mincing the mutton in house to make a patty since it was juicy and very delicious. With each bite you get to savour the taste. We would personally rate their burger better than Mcdonald’s, KFC, Burger King and even Johnny Rockets.

Well, by this our expectations were really high and it was time to try the Shack’s Chicken Philly Melt Sandwich which to be honest did not look like much when served but one bite and we were forced to close eyes for a moment and enjoy the taste. Bread was toasted to a perfect balance of crisp and softness with right amount of butter. Inside were sautéed mushrooms and five roasted bell peppers with onions, shredded Italian cheese and pepper jack cheese. If you ask us, this is the closes a sandwich can get to perfection.

Just when we thought, we have had it all came Shack’s Classic Fish and Chips and simply blew us away. It was beer battered Bassa fish fillet, topped with cheddar cheese and fried to a golden texture, served with tartar sauce and buttered peas. This was the best thing we tasted that evening and probably in a long while too. Crispy golden exterior with soft fish inside, no smell, no pungent flavour and when topped with some lime juice, it became irresistible.

Also, a word to mention the French fries Gourmet American Shack serves; one of the best we have ever had. Usually the fries are either soggy, too salty and not thick in right proportion but theirs was properly crispy, not too salty and rightly thick.


Every time an item was served on our table, our expectations and the quality and taste of food went high. WE enjoyed everything right from fries to wings, sandwich and burger but the star of the evening was fish which we can now say is best we have ever had.

We strongly recommend everyone to try this restaurant at least once and have ourselves become an addict of their food so will keep ordering from them.

(5 / 5)

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