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So, all those who drink or have even drank once would understand the importance of chakhna. It is honestly quite funny how the two go hand in hand, so imagine a restaurant called Chakhna. Well, this is what struck us too in the first place that it would be a place just like others in Gurgaon – shady with below average food that is super expensive.

However, how wrong we were was clarified when we got to try their food. Here is a detailed review of the food we tried at Chakhna.


Since we did not visit the restaurant, we cannot comment on their ambiance due to obvious reasons.

However, we would like to mention that they do have a neat website called www.Chakkhna.comwhich looks quite stunning with its User Interface and talks about the brand story along with a few words about the chef.

Though you cannot order from this website, you can certainly go through the entire menu and in detail with explanations for each item to help you order better.



There was a lot on our plate, so we would begin by talking about each dish separately

Shakahari Galouti – This was not too spicy and was well cooked to a crispy edge and a soft interior.

Dhol Damru Kebab – Thank goodness this wasn’t just another off the mill seekh kabab taken out of a packet and cooked on a charcoal grill. The meat was surely minced recently because the kabab was really soft and juicy.

Jhoomta Kukkad – This will surely go very well with a drink as it is slightly spicy while very well roasted and the marination too seems different as there is a unique delectable flavour of rum used which adds to the taste.

Mutton Shammi – Typical to any shammi kabab, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with right balance of spices.

Keema Kaleji – This we totally loved, because most keema we have tried is spicy, unbearably spicy. This wasn’t so and kaleji cooked with keema is simply amazing. There isn’t a so called gravy but also cannot be called dry, can be had with a roti but taste amazing any which ways.

Chakkhna Spl Chicken 3.0 – This is proper gravy chicken in which the gravy is thick and uses fine chopped onions. Tastes good, something on the lines of kadhahi chicken but quite different. Garnished with ginger strips and coriander to add extra flavour.

Kashmiri Khyali Pulao – And we thought keema Kaleji was the best part, pulao simply stole the show. Rice was of good quality with each grain medium long and there were beans, raisins, cashew and pomegranate added. Divine would be a more suited word for the pulao.

Rosemary & Olive Naan – This was best of the three and tasted quite good. Went very well with special chicken gravy.

We loved the food as most items were very well cooked and were delicious. This only shows that the chef really put his heart into cooking these and the results of-course was as good as it was.



We also happened to have spoken to the owner of the place, who in this case turns out to be a 2 year young guy named Sarthak who is a Hotel Management passout from IHM, Chennai and we really admire that instead of choosing to work for any 5-star Hotel, he decided to walk his own path.

Thus, we strongly recommend this place and will ourselves keep ordering from Chakkhna to try more and more items from their menu.

(5 / 5)

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