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It was Friendship day and a Sunday too, which clearly meant it being absoutely difficult to find a table anywhere. We wanted to eat Lebanese food and decided to go to Habibi in Rajouri Garden only to be turned away by the staff at the entrance itself. “There is no seat” they say when the answer rather should be time we would have to wait to get in.

Nonetheless, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I soon spotted The California Boulevard on the other side of the road and remembered that it was in my bookmark list on Zomato, so without any second though we headed straight to it.


Just like Hauz khas village and Satya Niketan, Rajouri garden too is sprawling with restaurants and cafes. Adjacent to Ring Road, the place itself is pretty accessible and one of the preferred locations for West Delhi residents.

Though there is a lot of parking space, it might be difficult to find space and that too right in front of the place you are visiting. So, be prepared to walk a bit. Metro is a better option as most of the restaurants are at a walking distance from the metro station.


Right from the moment when you enter, you can tell that this place is different than most others. It is situated on first floor the décor starts right from the entrance stairs. Lamp posts, movie celebrity pictures on the wall resonate with the name California Boulevard.

IMG_20160807_231046 (Medium)

Inside, the place looks beautiful and is definitely one of the best looking restaurants in this area. The dim light reminds you of that classic Hollywood movie style. True to the American culture, step in you glaze upon the Harley Davidson parked inside.

IMG_20160807_215235 (Medium)

Lot of celebrity pictures on the wall, can keep you occupied by guessing their names. Tables are wide enough to host multiple plates, chairs are lined with velvet cloth and are very comfortable.

IMG_20160807_215722 (Medium)

There is an element of perfection which you can tell by merely looking at the tables. The way they are organized, the placing of spoons, knives and forks. Alignment of plates, all done in a very elegant and organized manner.

IMG_20160807_215305 (Medium)

This does not give you the feel of an ordinary restaurant but rather gives you a 5 star feel.

IMG_20160807_215214 (Medium)


The moment we made ourselves comfortable in our chairs, we were provided with wet towels and then served a complimentary basket of breads with some flavoured butter. This little gesture sets a good restaurant apart from others. We were really hungry and anything we order would take some time, so what to do till then.

IMG_20160807_220332 (Medium)

It was kind and considerate on their part and we appreciate it a lot. The bread was nice, soft and tasted very good with the flavoured butter.

IMG_20160807_220538 (Medium)

We began with the Nachos which were quickly served on my request and were good. It could have been better with some olives and jalapenos. They contained cheese and were served with Salsa and a really amazing Sour cream. The sour cream in particular was so delicious that I ended up asking for it 4 times, which the restaurant gladly provided.

IMG_20160807_220712 (Medium)

Next up, we ordered the Peri Peri chicken and Chicken-A-la-Kiev. Peri Peri chicken is an appetizer in which boneless chunks of chicken are served alongside chipotle sauce and some black olives. Peri Peri sauce is meant to be spicy and so was the chicken, there was a lot of red chilli powder used. We think black pepper would have made it so much better.

IMG_20160807_223214 (Medium)

Chicken-A-La-Kiev was the star performer of the day. I tried this dish at another restaurant the other day and it was a disaster. This, they cooked with perfection. Chicken breast was stuffed with butter, garlic and herbs and had been fried to create a thin crust on top, just absolutely right amount of crust.

IMG_20160807_223220 (Medium)

Served with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. We loved this dish.

IMG_20160807_223645 (Medium)

  1. Nachos – 7/10
  2. Peri Peri chicken – 8/10
  3. Chicken-A-La-Kiev – 10/10

We will keep eating here and add ratings for more items as we try them.


Our experience at The California Boulevard became a fantastic and memorable one, courtesy the serving staff. The moment we sat, we were introduced to our server, a very good practice.

They certainly have some really smart and very well-mannered guys serving. The staff was prompt and throughout our stay I did not have to ask for water even once, in fact most of the times, did not even know when he filled my glass.

Quiet often the chef visited us and asked if we were enjoying our experience, the manager too came to check if everything was ok. Service is one department where they definitely score 5 stars.


This place is neither cheap nor too expensive. Not being cheap is understandable as their ambiance, food, service nothing is cheap so why should the menu be. Every good thing has a price and it should too.

Our bill was 1848 and we believe it was absolutely fine, in fact, rather good considering how much we enjoyed our experience.


Some dishes need to be made slightly differently, otherwise this place is definitely a living example to a lot of restaurants out there.


We loved this place, and it goes in our all tie favourites. We will visit it again and a lot. Our message, keep it up with that amazing service of yours.

(4.5 / 5)

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