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Big yellow door is one of the most famous restaurants in Delhi and this is evident from the simple fact that whoever you talk to about this place, they know it already. It seems everybody has either been here or has at least heard of it.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but we were willing to pay the price and see what the fuss is all about.


Located in Satya Niketan it is kind of obvious that this place would not be too big in terms of space and yes there is a Big Yellow Door at the entrance, serving as the first mark of authentication.

Ambiance inside is young and funky and the walls have a raw texture while the ceiling is made partly of sliced wooden logs and partly white lamps. Both display the artistic element used in decorating the place and giving it some distinction.

Tables are relatively small and might get difficult for 4 people to accommodate themselves, but we don’t just go to a restaurant to accommodate ourselves now, do we?


On with the important part, we began our feast with some nachos and were immediately disappointed as it is the millionth restaurant in this area serving exactly the same kind of nachos like anybody else. Nacho chips taken out of a packet and baked with cheese on top (which I am guessing was mozzarella), absolutely average.

We wanted to try the stuffed chicken breast in herb sauce but it wasn’t available so had to order stuffed chicken breast in brown sauce, half-heartedly. Chicken was chewy and the brown sauce did not taste too well, fries were soggy and garlic bread seemed raw. By this moment we were strongly contemplating quitting and moving out of there.

Then came our third item for the evening, The grilled fish and it smelled heavenly so without wasting any further time, we simply dug in and first bite simply melted in our mouths. No smell, absolutely soft and very well cooked, plus a slice of lemon turned it into the “hot girl next door”, and within no time we were fighting for her.

And yes, the stuffed chicken in brown sauce was still the neglected child which no one wanted to have.


Had it not been for the fish, we would have hated the place but ended up loving it. Their fish makes it to our top 10 list and is the 2nd best we have ever had. Strongly recommended place, good food, reasonable prices.

(4.5 / 5)

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