Restaurant Review – The All American Diner

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The All American Diner has been more than once featured as one of the best places in Delhi for breakfast. It has been on our To-Visit list since a long while and finally we did get a chance to put the name to test and see how American is this diner.



The All American Diner is located inside Indian Habitat Centre which is in itself a pretty beautiful place. Wonderful architecture and lots of greenery makes this place scenic.

Ideal for couples, friends and even for family. You are sure to enjoy the beauty of this place. Situated on Lodhi road right next to Sai Mandir, there is Jawahar Lal Nehru metro station close by but not too close, you would have to take an auto/taxi to go from metro to IHC.

To drive is the best option as the roads are never too crowded and there is ample parking at the Habitat centre.



Every inch of this restaurant on the inside shouts American. It has been built truly like an American diner.

IMG_20160815_132351 (Medium)

Being famous, this place is mostly crowded and be prepared to wait. We went around 12 in noon and still had to wait around 30 mins for a table.

IMG_20160815_144020 (Medium)

There are tables that are good enough for 4 people and they do have outdoor seating as well which looks absolutely lush. Inside, they have bar stools that can be used to hang out at the bar while you wait for a table.

IMG_20160815_132403 (Medium)

American theme is evident from the posters and plates on the walls. Ford, Cadillac, Harley-Davidson, Indian Motorcycle and Route 66 make sure you would feel 100% American.

IMG_20160815_132357 (Medium)



So, we began our binge with hot coffee and orders a latte and a cappuccino. To my surprise it was bitter and nothing like any latte I have ever had. Did not like it so much.

IMG_20160815_132519 (Medium)

Cappuccino on the other hand was more sweet and less bitter. It seems they either got the 2 coffees mixed or they just don’t make good coffee. This was better than the latte.

IMG_20160815_132536 (Medium)

We went for Nachos in starters which were taken straight out of a packet and served to us with salsa and sour cream. Nothing special about them as these were not topped nachos.

IMG_20160815_133836 (Medium)

In food, we ordered Peppered Longhorn which is a pepper crusted chicken steak infused with cream brandy sauce and served with veggies and fried potatoes. Chicken steak was cooked well, and the sauce was good enough to be licked off the plate. Fried potato not as good as available elsewhere.

IMG_20160815_135433 (Medium)

Apart from this, we tried the Norwegian Salmon steak which contained 2 big pieces of chargrilled salmon, cooked to perfection and dipped in sauce. Salmon tasted very well. Served with garlic mashed potato and sautéed veggies.

IMG_20160815_135439 (Medium)

We also ordered pasta and chose Fettuccini in Cream Sauce which was served with Garlic bread. Pasta was pretty ordinary and must say I have had better.

IMG_20160815_135651 (Medium)

Our feast ended with Lime pie which was a lime flavoured cheesecake and was not good. It was not really soft and was weird in taste.

IMG_20160815_143337 (Medium)


  1. Peppered Longhorn – 8/10
  2. Norwegian Salmon Steak – 8/10
  3. Nachos – 6/10
  4. Fettuccini in cream sauce – 7/10
  5. Lime Pie – 5/10
  6. Café Latte – 6/10
  7. Cappuccino – 7/10

We will keep eating here and add ratings for more items as we try them.


This is not exactly a cheap place as the prices are slightly above average. But given the ambiance and the location, one does not mind spending that much. Also, the food is good.


Staff is helpful and courteous and helps you in getting seated. They will also help in case you need help in deciding what to order.


Well, the place is easily accessible, has good ambiance and serves good food so there are all the reasons to visit this place, we recommend this place strongly.


(4.5 / 5)

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