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The name 38 Bbarracks clearly indicates that the place has some connection with military. Yes, this is the name of a restaurant in Connaught Place and we recently got a chance to eat here. Read on to know how was our experience at 38 Barracks.



It is located at the outer circle of Connaught place and has car parking through it may not be so easily available but then that can be put on Connaught as a whole. It is conveniently at walking distance from Rajiv Chowk metro station too.



As you walk in you would surely notice the red colour which is the theme of the place right from entrance and front façade. Inside the place is spread across two floors and the space above is much more than that on the ground floor.

Moment you step inside you cannot ignore to notice those beautiful flowers by the door and next to it the two high chairs with fake animals on the wall, giving a proper maharaja feel.

The décor on the ground is very impressive with those lamps beside each table and lots of paintings and mirrors on the wall.

As you head upstairs, you see various artwork on the wall which would definitely make you stop for a moment and check out those amazing vintage pictures, beautifully framed.

There are ample options to sit starting from sofa for a couple to bar stools to bigger chairs if you are in a group. There is ample space and suitable seating for everyone.

With dim lighting and live music paying, this place surely gets lively as the evening transcends.



Their idea of serving drinks is quite different, like we went for a Sergeant and it was served in a glass n kettle containing dry ice, so there was a lot of smoke coming out which made the drink loo sexy even before we sipped it.

Sergeant is a mocktail that they prepare using pineapple juice, khus syrup and lime juice, all topped with some soda. It is a nice option for the non-alcoholics to try as the drink sure tastes good.

We began with starters and first went for paneer tikka, which was thankfully different than usual paneer tikka with some stuffing inside and thus tasted better.

Next was Spanakopita and we simply loved this dish. It is pretty simple and may be that is ironically what makes it so special. It’s a phyllo wrap stuffed with spinach and is totally delectable. Served along with veg salad and a tomato based dip.

Batallion Samosa Booster is a chicken samosa sitting on a bed of keema, prepared and served chaat style. The quantity of this dish is enough to fill a man up to his brim. Samosa was crispy outside and keema base was good.

Olive chicken satay is chicken satay sprinkled with crushed and dried black olives. Satay inherently is slightly bland but the olives add their characteristic flavour to the dish. Taste wise, we can call it average. Goes well with the mint chutney served along.

Another dish that we really liked was the Olive & Salami Temaki which is basically a black olive rolled into a salami which is filled with feta crumbles and wild rocket. Looks nice, tastes even better and is perfect to with a round of gin and tonic.

We also tried Gosht ki Galouti which is a creamy beetroot quenelle served with 2 ulte tawe ka paratha, onion and mint chutney. The kabab, containing beetroot has a sweet taste, which some people may or may not like. Though, they were well prepared being crispy on outside and soft inside, went very well with the paratha.

In Main course, we tasted hyderabadi Khatte baingan which was delicious, dal makhni – average, Subz palak milloni was good, kadai paneer – good.

  1. Sergeant mocktail – 9/10
  2. Paneer tikka – 9/10
  3. Spanakopita – 10/10
  4. Batallion Samosa Booster – 8/10
  5. Olive Chicken Satay – 7/10
  6. Olive & Salami Temaki – 10/10
  7. Gosht ki Galouti – 8/10
  8. Hyderabadi Khatte Baingan – 10/10
  9. Dal Makhni – 7/10
  10. Subz Palak Milloni – 8/10
  11. Kadai Paneer – 8/10

We will keep eating here and add ratings for more items as we try them.



We enjoyed the place, staff was courteous and helpful. They took care of small things and were eager to help even before we would ask for it.

There were some unique items on the menu and food tasted very good. Honestly, this place is much better than some other more famous outlets in Connaught. We strongly recommend this place and will keep visiting.

(4.5 / 5)

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