Product Review – Shima Waterproof Full Touring Gloves

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India is a land of diversity, this shows in many ways. Be it the people or the ethnicity or the weather. Take Delhi for example, there are extremely hot summers to really wet monsoon to bone chilling winters. This so called diverse weather creates a lot of problem for bikers.

What works in summers, is useless in winters and monsoon are a different problem all together. None of this impacts the importance of riding with the proper gear. Now, riding boots are sorted, jackets too are available in various options but gloves are still a problem area.

Venture in the market and you would easily find summer or winter gloves. Usually summer gloves are made of mesh and are shorter in length compared to thick, leather made and full size winter gloves. So if you have a ful gauntlet glove, you cannot use it in summers for sure and it being in leather makes it useless in rains also. Mesh gloves are good in summer, not so good in rains and a pain in winters.

So, this would mean that if there were a glove that would be full sized, part leather, part fabric, water resistant and soft enough to be used on long rides and daily commute, it would be perfect.

We recently got a chance to lay our hands on one such product – Shima D-Tour WP Touring gloves. It’s a full sized glove that covers ahead of wrist and is made of fabric and leather combo. Let’s look at it in detail


The product looks good bearing the all black color scheme and means business too. The fabric and leather both used are of top notch quality and put togetherwell.

1 (Medium)

No where on the product would you find any loose thread or any other kind of compromise on quality. One glance is enough to tell the quality of these gloves.

2 (Medium)

Also, this is a no shenanigan product so do not expect fake knuckle protector or anything shiny which is actually of no good use. The same can be easily deciphered by mere looking at the product. Elegant and functional are two adjectives that can describe it best.



I usually wear a size Large for any summer or winter glove but Shima makes their gloves a little bigger so it fit me in size Medium. It is a pretty roomy inside but not lose.

3 (Medium)

There are two fasteners on the glove and they help in adjusting the glove as per the users comfort level. When both fastened properly, it gives a gripping feel without being too tight on the hand.

5 (Medium)

This glove is water proof and even if you ride in heavy rain, your hands stay dry. But hands are not the only thing a rider needs to worry about while riding in rain. Helmet visor gets all wet and it becomes very difficult to see through.

This is where the screen cleaner comes in picture. We rode in heavy rains, all covered in rain suit and waterproof boots but it was difficult to see through the helmet visor and this screen cleaner really helped.It works like the car wiper and makes riding in rain much more better.

8 (Medium)

Shima D-Touris soft on the palm side and aids in getting a good grip on handlebars. We rode fast, slow and tried long distance touring wearing the gloves and never faced any problem with grip.

6 (Medium)

Also, when you form a fist with this glove there are no loose ends which usually happens when a glove has some space in fingers. This ensures that you would not have to keep adjusting the glove while riding.

9 (Medium)



Though there are no knuckle protectors, there is indeed soft padding on that area. At times, we have felt no good use for those plastic knuckle protectors on most gloves which instead of protecting rather pose a danger.

In this case, the soft padding on the knuckles makes the glove really comfortable and well, in case of a crash, we are sureit would protect to a good extent.

7 (Medium)



Priced at INR 4800 it may seem a steep price for a glove but when you consider the usability of this product, it is justified. It eliminates the need for different glove for each season.

We have ridden almost 1000 kms using this glove and there have been no complaints till now.

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