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The new Z900 motorcycle epitomizes Kawasaki’s belief of what the ideal supernaked bike should be. Every twist of the throttle is rewarded with crisp, exhilarating acceleration and an ultra-lightweight chassis lends itself to spirited sport riding. Designed for maximum riding pleasure, this sublime balance of power and handling make the Z900 exceptionally exciting and easy to ride.​

The Z900 seeks to weaponize the middleweight class with a balance of power and handling, and replaces the outgoing Z800, while slotting in under Team Green’s Z1000.

The engine is a 948 cc inline-four unit based on the Z1000. And, in this application, it belts out 126 horsepower, 12 more than the Z800 it replaces.

The biggest change over that outgoing model is the the switch to a steel trellis frame, which leads to the Z900 weighing in at 443 lbs.Suspension includes a 41mm upside down fork with adjustable rebound and preload, and shock with the same levels of adjustability.


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