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Caterspoint is an online food ordering platform that operates mostly in Gurgaon. We recently got a chance to try their food and tried to establish difference between Caterspoint and other already operating online food ordering platforms.

Here is a detailed review of their website and the food they serve.


The website is well done and is meticulous. It is simple and appealing with high degree of ease of finding the relative content. They also have a blog where visitors can indulge into sharing their thoughts about food in general.

Home page consists of a banner carousel which highlight latest promotional offers, if any and is very appropriately used to communicate the specials, like right now it shows all the Navratri specials that you can order.

Below that are three smaller banners that are again used for highlighting certain specific items from the menu and under it 6 suggested items from the menu that make it easy for anyone to place a quick order without having to browse through the entire menu.

On the top resides the menu bar which comprises of Friendly bite (all day breakfast, low calorie meal, appetizers), Navratri specials, Sandwich delite, Gourmet tossed salads, Italian carve with chef (Pastas), Refreshing beverages and more (Desserts)

They offer wide range in each option like all day breakfast includes cilantro lemon poha, macaroni, Couscous upma, frittata and onion chicken couscous upma while low calorie meals only contain sabudana khichdi and curd rice.

There is no section for main course as such as they are mostly into snack items but they do have sandwiches and pastas that are quite filling.


We ordered variety of food to be able to test all kinds of meals that they offer. Let’s have a look at each item we ordered.

First, we went for salads. They have 2 types of salads – The Daily Delite Salads and the Exotic hand crafted salads. Daily delite includes the basic salads like boiled chana, sprouts, corn, fruit salad etc.

We picked the Vietnamese grilled chicken salad which was more than enough in quantity for one person (in fact it took 2 people to finish it) and came loaded with iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, baby corn, bell pepper, jalapenos, black olives, broccoli and well grilled chicken chunks. Those who might find it bland, it comes with a dressing, salt and black pepper to spice up the matter a little.

Next, mushroom cheese penne with grilled veggies which was very creamy like the way it should be dispensing a strong aromatic fragrance of cheese. It contained cherry tomatoes, black olives and bell pepper while garnished with chopped parsley. The white sauce used was so rich and delectable that even when the past was finished we could not resist licking the bowl.

Double Chiken Ham Sandwich was very well assembled with fresh bread used to hold double chicken ham along with lettuce, cucumber, cheese and mayonnaise. Each bite is very tasteful and invokes the feeling of fresh vegetables with juicy chicken, simply loved this sandwich.

In drinks, we tried the Green Herb Iced Tea which was lemon flavoured and there are mint leaves in it to add that freshness. Tastes good.

Dessert is always the most coveted section of any meal and thus our hopes were really high from the Badami Kesar Sabudana Kheer which in the end made us realize that we should have ordered more. Kesar flavour was clearly prominent with lots of almonds and some dry dates, it was simply sumptuous.


All the items we ordered were well packed, no leakage or dripping of any sort. There were ample plastic cutlery and tissues provided. Dessert came in a glass jar which is one of the best ideas to serve dessert.

Food was delivered within an hour of ordering and that too when we had ordered multiple items.


We scrolled through the entire menu and did not find even one item that could be considered overpriced. Considering the taste and quantity of food served, along with the variety of options available, we say it is fairly priced.


Overall we enjoyed the food, believe it was fairly pried and delivered on time, so we are definitely ordering again and strongly recommend Caterspoint to everyone.

(4.5 / 5)

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