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Recently we have seen a splurge in online food ordering platform and there have been some really good ones in this field. Most of these platforms serve almost similar kind of food with none offering any unique proposition. In the same league comes another entrant, the name might sound a bit difficult to understand […]

Restaurant Review – Bueno (Sandwichcraft)

Bueno is a sandwich café chain which has multiple restaurants in Delhi NCR. This is their first outlet in Dwarka and admittedly looks nice with its design and color combination. One fine evening we decided to walk in and try their sandwichcraft and see if it can cast a spell on us or not. It […]

Restaurant Review – Zizo

Zizo is a subtly well-hidden restaurant on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon and those who have not been in the area, would not even know about this place. The only thing aiding its discovery is the Bikers Café next door, which happens to be quite famous among bikers. It is a Lebanese restobar with nice […]

Restaurant Review – The Classroom

Nostalgia does hit hard and what can be more nostalgic than anyone’s school memories. The Classroom is one such place in Gurgaon’s Sector 29 that does make you feel nostalgic by bringing back all those childhood memories. Now, imagine being able to go back to your classroom while eating good food and having a drink, […]

Restaurant Review – Big Yellow Door

Big yellow door is one of the most famous restaurants in Delhi and this is evident from the simple fact that whoever you talk to about this place, they know it already. It seems everybody has either been here or has at least heard of it. They say curiosity killed the cat, but we were […]

Restaurant Review – Burma Burma

Burma Burma

Of all the places in DLF Cyber City there is one restaurant that stands apart the moment you read its name. Burma Burma and as the name suggests they are into Vegetarian Burmese cuisine along with being a Tea Room. Since we have never tried Burmese cuisine we were quite curious and honestly, a little […]

Restaurant Review – Gourmet American Shack

When we got the invitation to Gourmet American Shack, we assumed it is going to be a proper big restaurant but when we reached Baani Square in Gurgaon, we were a little disappointed to see it since the maximum seating capacity is of 4 only. We have often found that famous saying “first impression is […]

Restaurant Review – The Biker’s Cafe

Themed restaurants are always quite popular primarily owing to their being different from others and also because they cater to a specific segment of customers often referred to as a niche group. There a lot of such restaurants around these days categorized solely on the basis of cuisine they serve like fast food restaurant, Lebanese […]

Restaurant Review – Chakkhna

So, all those who drink or have even drank once would understand the importance of chakhna. It is honestly quite funny how the two go hand in hand, so imagine a restaurant called Chakhna. Well, this is what struck us too in the first place that it would be a place just like others in […]


Caterspoint is an online food ordering platform that operates mostly in Gurgaon. We recently got a chance to try their food and tried to establish difference between Caterspoint and other already operating online food ordering platforms. Here is a detailed review of their website and the food they serve. THE MENU The website is well […]