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Restaurant Review – Striker Skybar

Restaurant Review – Striker Skybar

Friday evenings are the most happening time across the globe and all the party people are always on the hunt for the best place to spend their nights. In the never-ending list of such places, Striker has been a prominent sought after name that has […]

Restaurant Review – Walking Street by Soi7

Restaurant Review – Walking Street by Soi7

We recently got invited to check out this new place in Sector 29 Gurgaon, called the Walking Street by Soi7. Now, we have earlier been to Soi7 at DLf Cyber hub and totally liked the energy and spirit of the place which made it highly […] – A new way to eat complete meal, in a bowl – A new way to eat complete meal, in a bowl

Recently we have seen a splurge in online food ordering platform and there have been some really good ones in this field. Most of these platforms serve almost similar kind of food with none offering any unique proposition.

In the same league comes another entrant, the name might sound a bit difficult to understand but it is simply a shorter form of “Meal In A Bowl”. This pretty much explains the whole concept that they serve their meal in a bowl.

However, it cannot be put so simply across, as they do not just dump ingredients in a bowl and send them to their customers. MeBo stands apart from others in one simple fact that they provide a complete meal in one bowl, one which satisfies taste buds while being healthy at the same time.

The website is quite simple which lets you select delivery options in Gurgaon (Which is currently the only area where they deliver) and two options to either order food now or to schedule the delivery for later. In case you just wish to see the menu, you can simply skip the formalities and jump right to the food section.

The Menu primarily has 7 sections with the Budddha bowl being the foremost option. Their Buddha Bowls are the perfect combination of Protein, Carbs and loads and loads of Vegetables. There are both veg and non veg options available in the same.

We ordered Non Veg Zoodles and the Quinoa Balsamic Chicken Buddha Bowl along with a cold pressed pomegranate juice. Our food arrived shortly after being ordered and we were quite surprised to see that both the bowls had every item intact and in place.

Zoodles contained Zucchini and carrot ribbon fettuccine (gluten free) served with assorted vegetables and comes with roasted tomato sauce, sunflower seeds and Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top of chicken chunks. It did have tomato flavor (Of-course) but a rather fresh smell and low on salt. Sunflower seeds were an added advantage.

The Quinoa and Balsamic Chicken bowl was also quite different as quinoa went really well with the balsamic marinated chicken and the veggies. Added on top are tomato salsa and sour cream which make it taste even better.

Cold pressed juice was good too as it had sweet lime, pineapple, pomegranate, beetroot and a pinch of the classic India chaat masala.

Overall we enjoyed every single item that we ordered and will definitely be ordering from MeBo next time too. Loved the concept of being able to eat healthy food which also tastes good and appreciate the way their arrange their Meal in a Bowl.

(5 / 5)

Me-Bo: Meal in a Bowl Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Restaurant Review – Bueno (Sandwichcraft)

Restaurant Review – Bueno (Sandwichcraft)

Bueno is a sandwich café chain which has multiple restaurants in Delhi NCR. This is their first outlet in Dwarka and admittedly looks nice with its design and color combination. One fine evening we decided to walk in and try their sandwichcraft and see if […]

Restaurant Review – Zizo

Restaurant Review – Zizo

Zizo is a subtly well-hidden restaurant on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon and those who have not been in the area, would not even know about this place. The only thing aiding its discovery is the Bikers Café next door, which happens to be quite […]

Restaurant Review – The Classroom

Restaurant Review – The Classroom

Nostalgia does hit hard and what can be more nostalgic than anyone’s school memories. The Classroom is one such place in Gurgaon’s Sector 29 that does make you feel nostalgic by bringing back all those childhood memories. Now, imagine being able to go back to your classroom while eating good food and having a drink, which is exactly what the Classroom makes possible for you.

As the name suggests, the restaurant is themed after a usual school classroom and this becomes clear right from their entrance where they have a typical school styled notice board. Also noticeable are the high ceiling and the cemented floor, each strongly reminding us of our own classrooms.

This place is amazingly spacious, spread across three stories with visibly distinct silos on the ground floor and an x shaped staircase right in the centre of the restaurant. On the first floor, they have a separate area with a pool table, just in case you feel like killing time while having a drink.

Their bar on the first floor, too has been themed to look like a school canteen and is aptly called “Ramu Kaka ki Canteen” serving all sorts of hard and soft drinks. The walls on this floor are well decorated with framed pictures.



It isn’t only the ambiance that reminds you of school, their menu is also pretty original in that case. Seems like a notebook, the names of most dishes are in accordance with the whole theme of the restaurant.

We tried the non veg and the veg platters, each being very diverse in terms of the number of food items. It is only justified that we talk about each item in detail:

Harissa chicken which is tandoori chicken marinated in chilli paste and tastes kind of average. Chicken was cooked well but was confusing in terms of taste.

Creamy chicken tikka which is prepared with lavish use of cream and not spicy at all. Should appease those who dig light spiced food.

Mutton seekh kabab were soft and juicy while being slightly spicy, which is exactly the way these kababs should be because who would like a bland kabab.

CMC – Classroom Maska chicken is roasted chicken served covered in butter and green chutney and tastes awesome. Each biter gives strong favour of butter and the chutney adds tang to soft and succulent chicken pieces.

Fish fingers were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Prepared well with fish not being smelly at all, tasted good with the mayonnaise based dip.

Chicken 65 was a bit dry than I expected it to be, it has been loathed in a sauce wherever we have and it earlier, nonetheless, tasted good.

In the veg platter, we began with achari paneer tikka which had a decent achari flavour. Paneer was well marinated beforehand and grilled properly.

Badami broccoli in which a cream cheese marinated broccoli is char grilled and this is the first time in my life that broccoli has tasted so good. In fact, we liked it more than some chicken items.

Veg biryani arancini is a fried ball of rice cooked with Indian spices and is quite flavourful, it is a unique way of eating rice and this distinction makes it tasteful.

Reshampatti chilli mushroom is again deep fried ball with goat cheese and mushroom, seems like a veg alternate for fish fingers, tastes good.

Cheesy Kabab were a bend of cheese and veggies rolled into a kabab, crispy and goes well with chutney served.

In drinks we tried Attention which is a pomegranate and pineapple juice alian served with fruit pieces and Games period which has blackberry, raspberry and strawberry with homemade citrus juice. Both the drinks were well mixed and highly refreshing.




We like this place for simply the fact that it reminds us of our school, that being said their food is good and menu is like super diverse, which we like a lot.

We strongly recommend this place and will definitely visit again.


(4.5 / 5)

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Restaurant Review – Big Yellow Door

Restaurant Review – Big Yellow Door

Big yellow door is one of the most famous restaurants in Delhi and this is evident from the simple fact that whoever you talk to about this place, they know it already. It seems everybody has either been here or has at least heard of […]

Restaurant Review – Burma Burma

Restaurant Review – Burma Burma

Of all the places in DLF Cyber City there is one restaurant that stands apart the moment you read its name. Burma Burma and as the name suggests they are into Vegetarian Burmese cuisine along with being a Tea Room. Since we have never tried […]

Restaurant Review – Gourmet American Shack

Restaurant Review – Gourmet American Shack

When we got the invitation to Gourmet American Shack, we assumed it is going to be a proper big restaurant but when we reached Baani Square in Gurgaon, we were a little disappointed to see it since the maximum seating capacity is of 4 only.

We have often found that famous saying “first impression is the last impression” to be wrong and same was proven well in this case also. Let’s find out how?


Gourmet American Shack is mostly into delivery and that is why their kitchen occupies major space which in turn means they can prepare big quantities of food, quickly.

Their food can be ordered through and and being present at the restaurant personally we have seen the diligence with which they prepare their food.

The owner is a chef from UK and has worked with biggies like Gordon Ramsey, his personal interest and expertise lies in grilling meat which we could figure out once we tried the burgers.

Also, they buy meat and then mince it in the house to prepare the patties and this ensures that their customers get that tender, juicy and flavourful taste in every bite.


We began with Buffalo Chicken Wings which is one of our top 10 favourite items and Chili’s certainly tops the list. We have seen so many restaurant going wrong with this dish that some have even used honey, which is definitely not a part of the original buffalo style chicken wings recipe. Nonetheless, when the wings landed on table, they looked tempting, smelled good and tasted well too. No sweetness and a bit of tangy flavour ruled the dish, there was proper balance of hot sauce and the dip served along added extra flavour.

Next up was Shack’s Classic Burger with a Charbroiled pure ground mutton patty, smeared in cheddar cheese and topped with Gherkins, Dijon mustard and lettuce. The bun tasted good and smelled fresh and was well toasted. One bite and we could testify the restaurant’s claim of mincing the mutton in house to make a patty since it was juicy and very delicious. With each bite you get to savour the taste. We would personally rate their burger better than Mcdonald’s, KFC, Burger King and even Johnny Rockets.

Well, by this our expectations were really high and it was time to try the Shack’s Chicken Philly Melt Sandwich which to be honest did not look like much when served but one bite and we were forced to close eyes for a moment and enjoy the taste. Bread was toasted to a perfect balance of crisp and softness with right amount of butter. Inside were sautéed mushrooms and five roasted bell peppers with onions, shredded Italian cheese and pepper jack cheese. If you ask us, this is the closes a sandwich can get to perfection.

Just when we thought, we have had it all came Shack’s Classic Fish and Chips and simply blew us away. It was beer battered Bassa fish fillet, topped with cheddar cheese and fried to a golden texture, served with tartar sauce and buttered peas. This was the best thing we tasted that evening and probably in a long while too. Crispy golden exterior with soft fish inside, no smell, no pungent flavour and when topped with some lime juice, it became irresistible.

Also, a word to mention the French fries Gourmet American Shack serves; one of the best we have ever had. Usually the fries are either soggy, too salty and not thick in right proportion but theirs was properly crispy, not too salty and rightly thick.


Every time an item was served on our table, our expectations and the quality and taste of food went high. WE enjoyed everything right from fries to wings, sandwich and burger but the star of the evening was fish which we can now say is best we have ever had.

We strongly recommend everyone to try this restaurant at least once and have ourselves become an addict of their food so will keep ordering from them.

(5 / 5)

Gourmet American Shack Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Restaurant Review – The Biker’s Cafe

Restaurant Review – The Biker’s Cafe

Themed restaurants are always quite popular primarily owing to their being different from others and also because they cater to a specific segment of customers often referred to as a niche group. There a lot of such restaurants around these days categorized solely on the […]