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Well, we are a bunch of foodies who also happen to have love for motorcycles.

We like eating, in fact we love eating. So we sniff out new places to eat and try out their dishes thus experiencing various kinds of cuisine and delicacies.

Our endeavor is to bring intrinsic details of those dishes to you so every foodie out there can relive the experience. This will also help everyone in planning what to eat and where, the next time they decide to eat out.

Now, if there is anything that we love more than food, it is Motorcycles. As a wise man once said “Four wheels move body and two wheels move soul” well we do not know who exactly said this, but very strongly agree with this.

We have utmost respect for motorcycle and do not discriminate them on any basis at all. So we ride them all and bring you our detailed observation of the same.

So, If you are a foodie or a biker or best, both – there is a lot of good stuff for you at Eat Ride Repeat.

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