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KTM has finally revealed its plans for the much hyped and highly anticipated Duke range for 2017. The motorcycle is set to be unveiled at EICMA 2016 and will start selling from 2017 onwards.

With the new teaser video out, it is clear that the head lamp unit is as seen in previous spy pics. It is an all new LED unit which is split down the middle into two parts.

We spoke to KTM officials from India and they confirmed that the new bikes are technically much superior to previous models and will definitely be loaded with features like Slipper clutch, ABS and Riding modes.

It is still not confirmed that the riding modes will be present on India models too. The Engine unit is basically the same but will not be EURO 4 compliant. However, one of the major changes include replacement of iconic underbelly exhaust with an up-swept conventionally positioned exhaust system.

New Duke will also have a completely different instrument cluster with reorganized elements. The motorcycle looks sharper than ever and will definitely pack a more serious punch while improving on the refinement simultaneously.

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