Kawasaki set to take over India with its Triad

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Kawasaki is all set to storm the Motorcycling world in India with their 3 new motorcycles which they recently unveiled at Intermot.

Have a look at what is in store for us in near future as these motorcyces are most likely to start selling in India soon.



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If there is any bike that really needed to change its looks, it’s Ninja 650. This is one of the best selling big bikes in India, primarily because it has a good 650cc engine and comes at a decent price tag which makes it affordable to most.

Well, our prayers have been heard and the Ninja 650 is now going to come in an all new avatar and it ain’t just looks that have improved. The new motorcycle claims 6.8% improved fuel economy and impressively sheds 19 kgs weight. Power however is 3 hp less than earlier, which ideally should not make too much difference.





As if the Z800 wasn’t good enough? Here comes the all new Kawasaki Z900powered by a new 948cc inline-four cylinder engine based on the Z1000 engine, makinga lucrative126bhp which is 15 more than the previous Z800.

In terms of looks, the new Z800 surely looks hot and sharper than the previous version. Unfortunately, we do not have more images to check out the bike from different angles but this surely looks delicious and we are waiting for it with our jaws dropped to floor.





We all know what happened to the ER-6N that was launched in India earlier. Despite a highly affordable price tag of INR 4.85 lac this bike did not have much takers, fact being its looks.

Kawasaki has addressed the elephant in the room with this new Z650 which will be a replacement to the ER-6N. It shares the same engine and chassis as the Ninja 650 and will be available slightly cheaper than that.



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